Pepper Storm Refill Kit

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Pepper Storm Refill Kit

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Approximately 5% Major Capsaicinoids in a dry colourless powder format.

Please ensure that you have purchased either a Pepper Storm Kit or a Pepper Tripwire Kit before buying a Pepper Storm Refill Kit.
Our Pepper Storm Refill Kit contains no harmful chemicals, no primers, and no thermal reactions, so there is no fire or explosive hazard, which makes it intrinsically safe.

The Pepper Storm Refill Kit does not fall under the international explosives act, so they are totally legal to use in a self-defense situation.
Filled with our world-beating pepper powder, once you have assembled the refill kit using the core from either the Pepper Storm Kit or the core from the Pepper Storm Tripwire Kit the unit will pack an intense sonic punch of approximately 130dB, and a 5m pepper dispersion 360 degrees around the blast point. It also has a significant hang-time of the pepper, so that it affects even the toughest targets.

ONLY to be used in conjunction with the reusable core from Duke’s Pepper Storm Kit or reusable core from Duke’s Pepper Storm Tripwire Kit.

Key Features:

  • Non-Lethal Protection
  • No License Required
  • Non-Pyrotechnical
  • Noise Deterrent
  • Reusable Core System
  • Irritant


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