Zartek ZA-P7 PTT Network Radio

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Zartek ZA-P7 PTT Network Radio

This new age revolutionary license-free system is quick and easy to set up and removes the expense of base stations or repeaters and eliminates the struggle in obtaining licenses – while still delivering a reliable and low cost communication system. Zartek ZA-P7 PTT Radio is different to our current radios which have a limited range of a few km’s, the PTT radio has national coverage as it connects to an Internet Network (GSM) via the data SIM card inserted inside, very much the same as your regular cell phone. If the customer wants to use the radio occasionally then we suggest they get their own pay as you go SIM cards instead of getting a monthly contact from us. Only MTN and Vodacom data SIM cards work inside the radio. These radios are robust, durable and suitable for everyday use wherever you may be, on-site or in and between cities. Audio is instant and speech crystal clear when making calls to all radios. It is easy to select a specific group or individual to talk to. Each radio has a built in GPS chip which allows each to be live tracked. The ZA-P7 has an extra long lasting battery & is charged via standard USB cable.


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